Maintenance and maintenance during the use of the kneader

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The kneader is a kind of mixer. It must be maintained and maintained during use to ensure the normal use of the kneader.

The following is a brief introduction to the maintenance and maintenance of the kneader: Check whether the fasteners are loose and whether the steam pipes Leak, circuit and electrical equipment are safe. The electric heating type kneader must have a grounding device.

Clean the kneading machine room before the test run, and run it for 10-15 minutes. After confirming that the machine is running normally, put it into production. Generally, the gears of new machines (including reducers) are relatively noisy during initial use, and will naturally decrease after a period of time.

When using steam for heating, the inlet pipe should be equipped with a safety valve and a pressure gauge, and the steam pressure must not exceed the required pressure of the mixing tank with the knowledge of the label.

When mixing the kneading pulp, the use of inversion should be reduced.

Lubrication should be frequently filled with oil.

There should be no leakage of raw materials at the sealing part of concrete wallboard

The belt is tight, and it should be checked, adjusted or replaced regularly.

The steam pipeline is not allowed to leak. When the machine is stopped, the valve should be closed and the reliability of the pressure gauge of the safety valve should be guaranteed.