Heating and cooling mode of vacuum kneader

Date: 2022-10-23 14:22:04 Views:
Kneader is an ideal equipment for mixing, kneading, crushing, dispersion and re polymerization of high viscosity elastoplastic materials, with the advantages of uniform mixing and high kneading efficiency.
The heating and cooling methods of kneader are introduced below for your reference:
Generally, kneaders have three heating methods, each of which has different requirements:
1) Jacket electric heating: 5L → 2KW, 50L → 6-9KW, 100L → 12-15KW, 200L → 15-18KW, 300L → 20-24KW, 500L → 24-36KW, 1000L → 36-42KW, it is recommended to use a heating furnace for circulating heating above 2000L.
2) External circulation heating: electric heating furnace specification: 12KW, 24KW, 30KW, 45KW, 60KW, 75KW, 90KW, 120KW, 150KW, etc. Generally, 2 sets of hot oil pumps are required.
3) Steam heating: different steam temperatures require different cylinder body thicknesses, and different jacket pressure resistance requirements. The cylinder body and jacket can be thickened as required.
4) The jacket can be cooled by cold water. When the heat transfer oil is heated, it can be cooled by an external oil cooler.