Product advantages and application range of kneader

Date: 2022-10-23 14:10:04 Views:

Kneaders are widely used in kneading, kneading, crushing, stirring, vulcanizing, and re-polymerizing high-viscosity, highly elastic-plastic materials. The kneader has the advantages of uniform stirring, no dead ends, and high kneading efficiency.

The kneading machine is full of functions, many varieties, and widely used, especially suitable for chewing gum, bubble gum, toothpaste, plastics, rubber, silicone rubber, dyes, pigments, inks, food gums, pharmaceuticals, architectural coatings, carbon , Cellulose, high viscosity sealant, neutral glass glue, aluminum silver paste, silica gel, pulp, cellulose, battery paste, dyes, silicone resin, cosmetics and other industries.