Installation and positioning method of kneader

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Kneader> The principle is that a pair of mutually rotating blades (usually Z-shaped) are bred to produce a violent shearing effect, so that the semi-dry or rubber-like thick plastic material can make the material respond quickly and get a symmetrical confusion Miscellaneous stirring configuration.

Kneader series: implement chamber kneader, vacuum kneader, carbon kneader, cellulose kneader, screw extrusion kneader, compound rubber kneader, high temperature kneader, TPR high temperature kneader, PU high temperature kneader, Polyurethane high temperature kneader, etc.

Kneading machine positioning and positioning essentials: welding positioning versus welding positioning, before and after the user purchases the machine, according to the foundation map provided by the manufacturer, when pouring the foundation, six carbon steel middle plates exactly adjusted by a horizontal square ruler are poured into the foundation. , The machine is moved to the prefabricated foundation, and the land of the machine and the six square irons poured on the foundation can be directly welded.

Anchor bolt positioning users According to the foundation map provided by the supplier, the square hole of the anchor bolt is reserved when the foundation is poured. After the kneader is bought back, it is moved to the foundation and the secondary irrigation method is used to place the foundation.